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Programs And Manifestoes On 20th Century Architecture Pdf

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There has been something of a mania for the manifesto in recent years. While only a little while ago one could still hear about the absence of manifestos in architecture, today we seem to be surrounded by them—on paper, on-line, within exhibitions, at events, in built form. The urgency of the genre has returned to prominence at a moment of economic crisis and political protests over inequality, yet also appears wedded ever more intimately to official institutions of culture.

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The present volume offers eloquent testimony that many of the master builders of this century have held passionate convictions regarding the philosophic and social basis of their art. Nearly every important development in the modern architectural movement began with the proclamation of these convictions in the form of a program or manifesto. The most influential of these are collected here in chronological order from to Taken together, they constitute a subjective history of modern architecture; compared with one another, their great diversity of style reveals in many cases the basic differences of attitude and temperament that produced a corresponding divergence in architectural style. In point of view, the book covers the aesthetic spectrum from right to left; from programs that rigidly generate designs down to the smallest detail to revolutionary manifestoes that call for anarchy in building form and town plan. The documents, placed in context by the editor, are also international in their range: among them are the seminal and prophetic statements of Henry van de Velde, Adolf Loos, and Bruno Taut from the early years of the century; Frank Lloyd Wright's annunciation of Organic Architecture; Gropius's original program for the Bauhaus, founded in Weimar in ; "Towards a New Architecture, Guiding Principles" by Le Corbusier; the formulation by Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner of the basic principles of Constructivism; and articles by R. Buckminster Fuller on universal architecture and the architect as world planner.

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Modernism and the Scientific Construction of the Built Environment

Building American Public Health pp Cite as. It begins with a discussion of some of the contradictions of Modernism, the gap between its lofty goals and sometimes less successful reality. Then the story is told of its beginnings in Europe and ideas developed by Le Corbusier, the Bauhaus School, and others. Then the triumph of Modernism, first in Europe and elsewhere and eventually the United States, is outlined. The chapter then turns to the problems of Modernism and the reaction against it.

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Anyone who in saw Hundertwasser's Mould Manifesto against rationalism in architecture may perhaps have reacted like the editor of this present work: he was less surprised by the protest as such - even at this time it was impossible to close one's ears to the voices raised against functional architecture- than staggered by the crass subjectivity with which the buildings of two generations were con- demned to wholesale destruction and dismissed as uninhabitable. There has really been no lack of critical and revolutionary actions and statements during this century. But never before had building been so recklessly banded over to the anarchical caprice of the individual; never before had the demand been so loudly voiced that buildings should be left to the mercy of the 'creative' forces of the natural processes of dilapidation. It is true that the utterances of the Lettrists and the later Situationists, which from on are to be found in the most varied - chiefly literary - periodicals, also cast fundamental doubt on rational building and functional planning; but they are far from offering as a solution to urgent problems uncommitted action or uncommitted laisser- faire. On the contrary, they demand consistent regard for locality and specific situation.

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Programs and manifestoes on 20th-century architecture. Translated by Michael Bui lock. \ i i r. ' i> r.. l. 1. ~! l. I. -,). The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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