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Paul De Man Criticism And Crisis Pdf

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To think about literature is to think theoretically.

From a leading figure in comparative literature, a major new survey of the field that points the way forward for a discipline undergoing rapid changes. Literary studies are being transformed today by the expansive and disruptive forces of globalization.

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Paul de Man, “Criticism and Crisis,” in Blindness and Insight: Essays in the. Rhetoric of Contemporary Criticism, 2nd rev. ed., intro. by Wlad Godzich.

Paul de Man

At the time of his death, de Man was one of the most prominent literary critics in the United States—known particularly for his importation of German and French philosophical approaches into Anglo-American literary studies and critical theory. At the time of his death from cancer, he was Sterling Professor of the Humanities and chairman of the Department of Comparative Literature at Yale. These, in combination with revelations about his domestic life and financial history, caused a scandal and provoked a reconsideration of his life and work. Paul de Man was born to a family of artisans of nineteenth-century Belgium and by the time of his birth, his family was prominent among the new bourgeoisie in Antwerp. He played an important part in the decisions made by De Man during the Nazi occupation of Belgium.

This article sets out to stimulate discussion on the sociological value of fiction in the wider study of men and masculinities in society. Identifying masculinity as a major theme of the American literary tradition, this article engages in a case study analysis of canonical writers of contemporary American fiction, namely Paul Auster, Don DeLillo, and Bret Easton Ellis. Gendering our reading of fiction in this manner succeeds in illustrating that these authors are intent on not simply depicting masculinity as a social and historical construction but that they seek to challenge the established ideological image of hegemonic masculinity by writing counter-hegemonic narratives. London: Continuum. Begley, A.

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The De Man Case

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