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Use this as a center activity, in small groups or even as a class competition. The children watch a PowerPoint slide show to fill in their mystery picture. Today she was fretting even more than usual.

As I said before, David Shannon is definitely one of my favorite authors to do social studies and social-emotional learning activities within the classroom. I really hope you enjoy and please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Cause & Effect

On the first day of school, Camilla wakes up to find herself completely covered in rainbow stripes! The core theme of A Bad Case of Stripes is learning to be yourself and being comfortable in your own skin… literally. Philosophically speaking, the book deals with the issue of identity, spun in several different ways.

Camilla is introduced as a girl who worries a lot about what people think of her and whether they like her, and as a result, her sense of self is highly malleable. In fact, her insecurity manifests itself by turning her skin stripy. When Camilla goes to school the day after the stripes appear, she and her classmates realize that whatever they say to her becomes a pattern on her skin.

Whatever they say about her becomes reflected in her, and, subsequently, Camilla realizes she has to be true to herself and her own desires. The story raises the question of whether or not it is important to care about what people think, as well as what the consequences of such worrying are.

At some point, Camilla becomes almost unrecognizable, and though she does not appear to lose her sense of self, our perception of her changes. In this way, the function of identity is raised: is it something one defines for oneself or is it something that is defined by others?

Throughout the book, Camilla visibly and physically changes many times. Thus the question must be asked, is she still Camilla Cream? The philosophy of personal identity has occupied many minds throughout history including the philosopher John Locke, who spent a great deal of time considering what it means to have an identity.

He concluded that identity is linked to consciousness of self. Although it is controversial, the idea of self-consciousness persists and is addressed in A Bad Case of Stripes. An alternative theory of identity is essentialism. Necessary properties are what a thing requires in order to be that thing; accidental properties are properties that are true of a thing, but are not required in identifying that thing.

It would seem her physical identity is an accidental property, as it changes, and she still believes herself to be Camilla. Does that mean her human form is somehow a necessary part of her identity? These are some of the many topics within the bounds of the philosophy of personal identity. A Bad Case of Stripes can also be used to discuss bullying. Camilla is teased by her classmates and talked about on the news, both of which affect her mental and physical states. Whether or not what the reporters do is bullying is an interesting question.

The media is supposed to objectively present facts, but are there times when news reporting crosses a line? Bullying is a serious ethical issue, but philosophers debate what it is that makes bullying morally wrong. How does bullying hurt someone? What should a person do when he or she sees bullying occurring?

These are the kinds of moral issues about bullying presented by A Bad Case of Stripes. A Bad Case of Stripes offers a wealth of topics to be plumbed in philosophical discussion — self-perception, identity, and bullying.

Because of this, one has the option of tailoring the reading and discussion experience to best benefit the students. Camilla Cream loves lima beans but refuses to eat them because people tell her they are gross. Original questions and guidelines for philosophical discussion by Jo Fletcher. Find tips for leading a philosophical discussion on our Resources page. In , the Prindle Institute partrnered with Thomas Wartenberg and became the digital home of his Teaching Children Philosophy discussion guides.

Some of the books on this site may contain characterizations or illustrations that are culturally insensitive or inaccurate. Philosophy often deals with big questions like the existence of a higher power or death.

Further Resources Some of the books on this site may contain characterizations or illustrations that are culturally insensitive or inaccurate. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Visit Us.

A Bad Case of Stripes Activities and Freebies

Preinstructional Planning. During Instruction. I use A Bad Case of Stripes as a read-aloud during the first week of school to prompt discussion about why we worry about what others think, bullying, and learning to respect and accept differences in others. Take 15 minutes to list worries on chart paper. While reading, discuss the problems that Camilla was having and possible solutions to the problems.

They will write about cause and effects in a multi-flow map and then write sentences to explain the cause and SWBAT write about the cause and effect with the story "A Bad Case of Stripes" Bad Case of Stripes Smartboard Preview​.pdf.

Demo Lesson

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I have an interactive whiteboard lesson for you with this lesson that has four days worth of activities. I prepared this lesson over a year ago when I only had about 30 minutes to do a whole group reading lesson. This year, I have an hour allotted for whole group reading, so I am able to do two days worth of work in one day. I left the flipchart as is, since I didn't know how much time you have for a whole group lesson.

These are worksheets and creative ideas for students in first grade , second grade or third grade to match a cause with the most-reasonable effect. Help your students connect the dots in the relationship between cause and effect in well-loved stories for some great, high quality lesson plans! Here is an anchor chart, craftivity and worksheet that you can use along with Amelia Bedelia books to practice identifying the cause and the effect. Create flip books to define vocabulary, create an anchor chart and get kids moving by practicing identifying in a game of scoot!

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PDF. A Bad Case of the Stripes by David Shannon is a wonderful book to read to Cause and Effect Craftivity with A Bad Case of Stripes.

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Nov 8, - We are learning about cause and effect this week in reading. Cause and effect activity using the book A Bad Case of Stripes by David Bluegrass Songs collection, + lyrics with chords for guitar, banjo, mandolin etc, with pdf Teach Junkie: 12 Easy Cause and Effect Activities and Worksheets - Cause.