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Difference Between Marketing Concept And Selling Concept Pdf

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Over the years, businesses have created focused strategies to meet customer needs, grow sales and profits, and stand out from the competition in their respective industries.

This process is done in a number of different ways; marketing professionals use one or more of the five concepts of marketing in order to earn consumer confidence and create profitable, long-term relationships with consumers. But not all the concepts are equally effective.

Marketing and Selling are both activities aimed at increasing revenue. This is particularly true in the case of small businesses, which often equates marketing with selling deliberately due to organizational and resource limitations. These two are the most misconstrue however there exists a fine line of difference between marketing and selling the concept , that lies in their meaning, process, activities, management, outlook, and similar other factors.

Difference Between Production Concept and Selling Concept (With Table)

Over the years, businesses have created focused strategies to meet customer needs, grow sales and profits, and stand out from the competition in their respective industries. The selling concept in marketing is one of five philosophies companies use to reach customers.

The others are the production concept, the product concept, the marketing concept and the societal marketing concept. The selling concept theorizes that consumers won't buy enough of a business's products or services without a massive promotional campaign and sales push behind them, according to MBASkool. This concept is used mostly in industries that create "unsought goods," which are goods that consumers usually don't consider. These companies typically have large sales forces and focus their energies on selling their products, even though the customer isn't necessarily looking to buy it.

Examples of companies that use the selling concept are life insurance and timeshare companies. Salespeople in these industries research their target demographic and focus their advertising and promotion on the results of that research to sell as many units of a product as they can to increase profits. The selling concept in marketing focuses less on what the market demands and more on the product itself. It assumes that, if someone is persuaded to buy something they haven't thought about buying before, they won't regret the decision.

Even if they do, the hope is that feeling won't last, and they will repurchase it at a later date. According to eNotes. This ideology is based on the idea that consumers grow to be more selective about what they purchase over time. Therefore, the product or service should not only meet the customer's current needs but exceed them. Companies invest in research about consumers before starting to develop their products with this in mind.

The marketing concept works oppositely from the selling concept, which advocates for the seller. It looks for buyers' cues, aiming to retain their loyalty and keep them for the long haul. Reichheld and W. Earl Sasser, Jr. Working with the marketing concept in mind can help a company satisfy customers while turning a profit at the same time.

Over the years, marketing has evolved with different theories for building successful businesses. While the selling and marketing concepts have notable differences between them, there are additional marketing ideologies to consider, according to Disruptive Advertising.

They are:. Michelle Nati has written articles for Family Minded. By Michelle Nati Updated September 19, The production concept: The production concept in marketing is operations oriented. It assumes consumers want readily available and inexpensive products.

According to this theory, a business produces the maximum amount of low-cost products to get the most profit by saturating the market. The product concept: This concept focuses on the idea that consumers want quality, consistency and innovative features in goods and services.

It is most closely tied to brand loyalty. The societal marketing concept: This idea focuses on giving back by producing quality, sustainable products for the betterment of communities and the world overall. References MBASkool. Related Articles.

The Five Marketing Concepts

The difference between selling concept and marketing concept is a very interesting subject that has elements of history and product attributes. Marketing has been an evolving and ever changing aspect of organizational environment. This evolution has resulted in different concepts in different time periods. The popular concepts were product concept, selling concept, marketing concept and societal marketing concept. The product concept was the earliest which can be traced to late 19th century and the last of the concepts to emerge was the societal marketing concept. After the industrial revolution, innovation became common, and engineering skills grew immensely. This led to making of machines that were able to produce large quantities that were unseen at that period.

The main focus of.

What is the difference between Marketing and Selling?

Post a Comment. Skip to content. Marketing Marketing is a broad concept. In simple words, it means the process through which the goods and services move from the producer to the ultimate user of the products.

What is Selling Concept?

In the business glossary, you might have encountered the terms marketing concept and selling concept end number of times. Therefore, the customer is regarded as the king of the market. On the other hand, selling concept stresses on the needs of the seller and so, it is the seller who rules the market. These two are the most misconstrued however there exists a fine line of difference between marketing and selling concept, that lies in their meaning, process, activities, management, outlook and similar other factors. With this article, an attempt is made to shed light on all the substantial points that differentiate the two, take a read. Basis for Comparison Selling Concept Marketing Concept Meaning Selling concept is a business notion, which states that if consumers and businesses remain unattended, then there will not be ample sale of organization's product. Marketing concept is a business orientation which talks about accomplishing organizational goals by becoming better than others in providing customer satisfaction.

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HA- Company Orientations to the Marketplace. What philosophy should guide a company marketing and selling efforts? What relative weights should be given to the interests of the organization, the customers, and society?

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Role of Selling Within the Marketing Concept

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