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I was a co-founder of the 1 Day Without Us campaign in solidarity with migrants in the UK, which organised two national days of action in and I blog about politics, books, history, cinema, music and other things that interest me. Hi, Matt.

Impressive research on them has appeared in the last 30 years, yet until now, none of it has escaped beyond the walls of the academic ghetto. Matthew Carr's well-balanced and comprehensive book brings the story of their tragic fate to a wider public This is a reliable, if often harrowing, account of a sad episode in Spanish and European history, which deserves to be better known. Indeed, Carr has written a valuable cautionary tale for the public on the pathways that crystallise imaginary evils. Carr deftly narrates the complex events leading up to this little-known but horrific episode as a warning against religious intolerance and xenophobia.

Book Review: Blood and Faith: The Purging of Muslim Spain, 1492-1614 by Matthew Carr

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Matthew Carr. Find this book:. Four hundred years later, the destruction of the Moriscos is an example of what can happen when a society succumbs to its worst instincts and its worst fears in an attempt to cast out its imaginary devils. Carr gracefully explores the way fifteenth-century Muslims, Jews and Christians who inhabited the Iberian Peninsula understood one another, before plunging into a story of conquests, crusades, assimilation and the expulsion of Jews and Muslims. However, a culture of fear and zealotry gained strength and culminated in the edict accusing the Moriscos of heresy, which led to the expulsion of tens of thousands. In that sense, Carr navigates issues of assimilation and integration rather elegantly, and arrives at carefully considered conclusions with his deft analysis of the events that led to the expulsion and its aftermath. Indeed, Carr has written a valuable cautionary tale for the public on the pathways that crystallise imaginary evils.

Blood and Faith

This work is not about the forging of Muslim Spain in general, but as the subtitle indeed states, about the final period of Morisco history, to As Carr tells us p. Its aim is more humble: to bring the story of the Moriscos to readers who may never have heard of it. It is a complex and dramatic tale of religious and cultural oppression, rebellion, prejudice, and hatred. Most users should sign in with their email address.

Throughout history, there are numerous examples of how the divide-and-conquer tactic has been used as a precursor to total destruction. We know that much of the science of anthropology was born in genocide [i] — to meet the need of their empires to understand a people, and ultimately to destroy them. Perhaps the most sophisticated version of this process was Operation Dalet, as described by the Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, which was carried out by the Zionists after years of mapping Palestinian villages and communities — the result was the Nakba the Catastrophe that would establish the state of Israel and displace hundreds of thousands Palestinians in But this type of intergenerational trauma - which underlines the notion developed in the previous chapter that time does not heal trauma, but rather can further it — brings with it its own complexities that need to be better understood. History is complicated, and the way it intersects with contemporary life is often difficult to discern, however, there were moments where others should have stepped up to assist the Jewish people. During the late—s, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella had forcefully converted the Jews of Spain to Christianity, known thereafter as the Conversos. To what extent did they predict that the forceful conversions and discrimination being perpetrated against Jewish communities would come to haunt them over the next years?

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Blood And Faith - Livro - WOOK

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The forced conversions of Muslims in Spain were enacted through a series of edicts outlawing Islam in the lands of the Spanish Monarchy. This effort was overseen by three Spanish kingdoms during the early 16th century: the Crown of Castile in —, followed by Navarre in —, and lastly the Crown of Aragon in — After Christian kingdoms finished their reconquest of Al-Andalus on 2 January , the Muslim population stood between , and , people. The rebellion was eventually quelled and then used to justify revoking the Muslims' legal and treaty protections. Conversion efforts were redoubled, and by , officially, no Muslim remained in Granada.

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In Blood and Faith: The Purging of Muslim Spain, , Matthew Carr explores how, following the conquest of Granada, the sixteenth-century.

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Matthew Carr, Blood and Faith: The Purging of Muslim Spain, – Article Information, PDF download for Matthew Carr, Blood and Faith: The.

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Author: Matthew Carr. Reviewed by: Sarah Irving (Manchester). The 'golden age' that was al-Andalus, medieval Andalucia, has become a byword for cultural.