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Preventive And Social Medicine Park Pdf

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The book has been thoroughly updated and revised. Public Health Update is a popular public health portal in Nepal. It was initiated in

Parks Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine 23rd

Medical knowledge in fact has been derived, to a very great degree, from the intuitive and observational propositions and cumulative experiences gleaned from others. A history of medicine thus contributes a review of accomplishments and errors, false theories and misinformation and mistaken interpretations. It is also a study of the evolution of man and of human knowledge down the ages; of the biographies of eminent individuals who developed medicine; of the discoveries and inventions in different historical periods; and of the ever-changing concepts, goals and objectives of medicine. In the course of its evolution, which proceeded by stages, with advances and halts, medicine has drawn richly from the traditional cultures of which it is a part, and later from biological and natural sciences and more recently from social and behavioural sciences. Medicine is thus built on the best of the past. In the crucible of time, medicine has evolved itself into a social system heavily bureaucratized and politicized.

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The The ebook is must read for network remedy in the third year because it is the maximum extensively used e-book by means of MBBS students. The Epidemiology, Screening for disease, Epidemiology of communicable diseases and chronic non-communicable sicknesses are usually targeted in the end. The unfastened book has over pages with quite clean pages and great illustrations with flowcharts and boxes. Your email address will not be published. Park Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine. Share on whatsapp. Share on facebook.

Download Park PSM 25th Edition 2019 pdf

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Download Park PSM 25th Edition 2019 pdf

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Park’s Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine 26th Edition 2021

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Preventive and social medicine is concerned with the measures taken to prevent diseases and promote health. It is also known as community medicine or public health. Preventive and social medicine offers medical services ranging from curative to rehabilitative and it has expanded during the last few decades. Presently, it deals with the health problems of not only a single person but the entire community at large. Public Health involves statistics, psychology, sociology, law, engineering and economics as well as clinical sciences and biological sciences. It is indeed gratifying that this book has seen twenty two successful editions and is now entering the twenty-third edition with a brand new look. This new edition is in keeping with the tradition of release of new editions at regular intervals, with the objective to match the pace of everchanging subject matter.

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