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Alpha-helices and beta-sheets are the two most common secondary structure motifs in proteins. Beta-helical structures merge features of the two motifs, containing two or three beta-sheet faces connected by loops or turns in a single protein. Beta-helical structures form the basis of proteins with diverse mechanical functions such as bacterial adhesins, phage cell-puncture devices, antifreeze proteins, and extracellular matrices.

Protein secondary structure is the three dimensional form of local segments of proteins. The two most common secondary structural elements are alpha helices and beta sheets , though beta turns and omega loops occur as well. Secondary structure elements typically spontaneously form as an intermediate before the protein folds into its three dimensional tertiary structure.

Protein alchemy: Changing β-sheet into α-helix

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. For most proteins the amino acid sequence determines the tertiary structure. The relative importance of the individual amino acids in specifying the fold, however, remains unclear.

Protein Secondary Structure: α-Helices and β-Sheets

In the following we will focus on the general aspects of protein secondary structure. The prediction was confirmed when the first three-dimensional structure of a protein, myoglobin by Max Perutz and John Kendrew was determined by X-ray crystallography. To get a better impression of how a helix looks like, only the main chain of the polypeptide is shown, no side chains. There are 3. Each residue is translated 1.

However, Astbury did not have the necessary data on the bond geometry of the amino acids in order to build accurate models, especially since he did not then know that the peptide bond was planar. A refined version was proposed by Linus Pauling and Robert Corey in Their model incorporated the planarity of the peptide bond which they previously explained as resulting from keto-enol tautomerization. The side chains point outwards from the folds of the pleats, roughly perpendicularly to the plane of the sheet; successive amino acid residues point outwards on alternating faces of the sheet. They are usually represented in protein topology diagrams by an arrow pointing toward the C-terminus. This is the arrangement that produces the strongest inter-strand stability because it allows the inter-strand hydrogen bonds between carbonyls and amines to be planar, which is their preferred orientation. In a parallel arrangement, all of the N-termini of successive strands are oriented in the same direction; this orientation may be slightly less stable because it introduces nonplanarity in the inter-strand hydrogen bonding pattern.

Beta sheet

Metrics details. The propensities were also calculated for exposed and buried sites, respectively. In , Chou and Fasman published the calculated frequency of occurrence and conformational propensity of each amino acid in the secondary structures of 15 proteins, consisting of amino acid residues [ 1 ]. Since then, a vast number of protein structures have been determined and classified to reflect both structural and evolutionary relatedness [ 2 , 3 ]. SCOP classification Structural Classification of Protein is one of the major database which provides a detailed and comprehensive description of the relationships of all known proteins structures.

Protein structure can be discussed at four distinct levels. Below is a Lewis structure of a short segment of a protein with the sequence CHEM cysteine - histidine - glutamate - methionine. Secondary structure is three-dimensional, but is a local phenomenon, confined to a relatively short stretch of amino acids. For the most part, there are three important elements of secondary structure: helices, beta-sheets, and loops. In a helix, the main chain of the protein adopts the shape of a clockwise spiral staircase, and the side chains point out laterally.

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CH450 and CH451: Biochemistry - Defining Life at the Molecular Level

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