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There has been consensus that logistics as well as supply chain management is a vital research field, yet with few literature reviews on this topic. This paper sets out to propose some hot issues in the current research, through a review of related literature from the perspective of operations management. In addition, we generate some insights and future research directions in this field.

Orders delivered to U. Learn more. Anderson, D. Baird, N.

International Logistics: Global Supply Chain Management

Alan E. Branch 1 Estimated H-index: 1. View Paper. Add to Collection. Introduction 2. Export Sales Contract 4. Constituents of the Export Sales Contract Continued 4. Strategy and the Global Supply Chain 5. Selecting the International Logistics Operator 7. International Transport 8. Operations Management 9. Security Global Supply Chain Specialised Software in the Supply Chain Process Global Trade Scene A Strategic Focus.

Paper References 0 Citations Supply chain and logistics in national, international and governmental environment : concepts and models. Read Later. How supply chain risk management of trade companies should be managed according to the changes of international logistics trend. References 0. Cited By Possibilities of using Incoterms clauses in a country logistics performance assessment and benchmarking.

Abstract This study aims to contribute to the improvement of a country's transport and logistics TL performance assessment by exploring the possibility of using International commercial terms Incoterms clauses in international sales contracts.

Incoterms clauses are commercial terms that clearly determine sellers' logistics commitments. The research explores the relationship between the international TL performance indicators and A multi-objective robust optimization model to design sustainable sugarcane-to-biofuel supply network: the case of study.

Nowadays, oil price fluctuation, fossil fuel depletion, and the potential environmental impact of these energy resources are highly threatening the global economy. Developing renewable resources, hence, is quite unavoidable. Sugarcane, as a source of renewable energy, can be converted to bioethanol. Therefore, this study has proposed a mixed-integer linear programming to design an international network of the sugarcane-to-biofuel supply chain. To deal with uncertainty, the robust optimization ap A global bioenergy supply network redesign through integrating transfer pricing under uncertain condition.

Abstract Biomass, as a renewable material and a clean alternative fuel in generating electricity and heat, is of particular importance in the transportation industry for the production of biofuel instead of fossil fuels. So far, many models have been proposed for the Bioenergy Supply network design, all of which are local and focus on designing new configurations that conform to a specific country's economic policies.

But since globalization of the economy and industry is unavoidable today, effo The purpose of this paper is to examine the applicability of logistics capability for mitigating supply chain uncertainty and risk and improving logistics performance in the Australian courier industry.

Based on the resource-based view, a quantitative research study is designed to investigate the relationships among three latent variables: logistics capability, supply chain uncertainty and risk, and logistics performance. Structural equation modelling is used to analyse the data.

The results ind The global value chain of electric vehicles: A review of the Japanese, South Korean and Brazilian cases. Recent developments in electric propulsion systems are causing a revolution in urban transport and Electric Vehicles EVs are becoming an alternative to vehicles with combustion engines. Thus, this research considers the difficulties and challenges for the development of the EVs value chain in Japan and South Korea with a particular focus on large-scale production and commercialization of EVs.

Semi-structured interviews with executives and researchers of the main players involved in the develop Objectives and Contextualisation The course "LSCM European Dimension" is aimed at overviewing approaches and requirements to practical implementation of logistics and supply chain management methods in different European regions, in particular, in Latvia with special attention to used technologies e.

After the course students are expected to be able: to characterize the main aspects of LSCM European development; to explain regi Fei Tianqi. Global trade needs effective supply chains to ensure global sourcing at cost-effective rates and to position their products on international markets. Global Supply chains involve complex systems and multiple stakeholders among countries and organizations. In addition it requires high visibility and transparency in information flow.

Compliance problems and their negative impacts are rising and the corresponding costs are becoming a big burden for global trade during import-export process. A competitive advantage from the implementation timing of ISO management standards.

ISO management standards reduce performance variability among suppliers and promote global trade. However, ISO standards also promote a certain degree of commonality or isomorphism between firms.

Global Supply Chains in a Post-Pandemic World

Supply Chain Economics refers to an analysis of economic behaviour in the supply chains. The followings are some other sources related to supply chain economics. Supply chain economics encompasses supply chain economics governance, supply chain strategies, supply chain collaboration, supply chain forecasting and supply chain equilibrium. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Global Logistics New directions in supply chain management

According to The Council of Logistics Management, International Logistics is the process of Planning, Implementing and Controlling the flow and Storage of Goods, Services and related information from a point of origin to a point of Consumption located in a different Country. Product Design 2. Plant Location 3. Productions Structure 5.

There are many definitions of international logistics. One of them, where they could easily find military roots as well as U. It also includes planning and actions related to the intermeshing of a significant element, activity, or component of the military logistic systems or procedures of the United States with those of one or more foreign governments, international organizations, or military forces on a temporary or permanent basis.

Competitive pressures and changes in the economic climate have forced management of international companies to evaluate afresh the operation and structure of international supply chains. New approaches to managing change in international chains have emerged and been proven in recent years. This article describes the concepts underlying these approaches, the barriers that need to be overcome and some of the lessons learned from experience of implementation. Houlihan, J.


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Alan E. Branch 1 Estimated H-index: 1. View Paper. Add to Collection. Introduction 2. Export Sales Contract 4.

Simple bread and butter with which we eat each day, actually gets to us through several processes. In this instance, bread begins its journey with the farmer who sows the seeds and sells the wheat to the businessman, who in turn sells it to the baker who bakes the bread. This is a description of supply chain management in a nutshell. In other words, supply chain management is a network of those businesses that are interconnected with each other in either the manufacturing of products, or delivering services, that are required by consumers. It is very important for businesses to ensure two things for their supply chain to be effective, one is the supply chain should be cost effective and second it should deliver the results on time. We began with the description of supply chain management of bread. It is a very simple one.