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The key to successful product design is an understanding of the end-user customer, the person for whom the product is being created. According to the Industrial Designers Society of America :.

Process Planning

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Feng and G. Feng , G. Conceptual process planning is an activity for designers to evaluate manufacturability and the manufacturing cost in the early design stage for mechanical parts production.

Process Planning

Process Planning covers the selection of processes, equipment, tooling and the sequencing of operations required to transform a chosen raw material into a finished product. Initial chapters review materials and processes for manufacturing and are followed by chapters detailing the core activities involved in process planning, from drawing interpretation to preparing the final process plan. The concept of maximising or 'adding value' runs throughout the book and is supported with activities. Designed as a teaching and learning resource, each chapter begins with learning objectives, explores the theory behind process planning, and sets it in a 'real-life' context through the use of case studies and examples. Furthermore, the questions in the book develop the problem-solving skills of the reader.

Group technology for product design and computer aided process planning

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Conceptual Process Planning - A Definition and Functional Decomposition

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PDF | The process of the product design consists in a plan for the product, its components and subassemblies. To obtain the physical entity building a | Find​.

Principles of Process Planning

In companies, planning processes can result in increased output, higher precision, and faster turnaround for vital business tasks. A process is described as a set of steps that result in a specific outcome. It converts input into output. Process planning is also called manufacturing planning, material processing, process engineering, and machine routing. It is the act of preparing detailed work instructions to produce a part. It is a complete description of specific stages in the production process. Process planning determines how the product will be produced or service will be provided.

The process of the product design consists in a plan for the product, its components and subassemblies. To obtain the physical entity building a manufacturing plan is needed. The activity of developing such a manufacturing plan is name process planning. Process planning is the relation between design and manufacturing. Process planning consists in defining the sequence of the steps that should be taken to make the product. Process planning is referring to the engineering and technological issues of how to make it.

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Process Planning

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Product Planning And Development Process

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PDF | As a solution for traditional design process having many drawbacks in the manufacturing process, the integration of product design-process | Find, read.