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International Petroleum Fiscal Systems And Production Sharing Contracts Pdf

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Search this site. International Petroleum Fiscal Systems and Production Sharing Contracts by Daniel Johnston Synopsis: Daniel Johnston covers everything including historical development of contracts, terminology of accounting and negotiations, threshold field size analysis, arithmetic behind contract terms, and more. Contents Petroleum fiscal systems Concessionary systems Production-sharing contracts Risk service contracts Threshold field size analysis Global market for exploration acreage Production-sharing contract outline Accounting principles Double taxation Commentary Appendices Glossary.

Petroleum fiscal regime

Following the discovery of the giant Pre-salt play in Brazil in , the Government implemented a new fiscal regime in , namely the Production Sharing Contract PSC , for the exploration and production of oil and gas in this area. The introduction of the PSC regime brought about challenges and uncertainties on the day-to-day activities for all stakeholders involved. In this context, the objective of this article is to highlight the main challenges faced by the industry participants in Brazil, based on international experiences and literature review. Concurrently, the paper adds more clarity on areas where, in practice, we expect the majority of these risks to materialize, such as the design, implementation and operation of PSCs, with a view to investigate the main challenges related to the implementation of PSCs. Most notably, the article addresses the resource and competency requirements that regulators and oil companies alike require to enable an accurate and compliant recovery of eligible costs. We focus our international experience analysis on Indonesia, a jurisdiction with a mature oil industry, which pioneered the cost recovery PSC model, and draw learnings from the premises and results of recent changes in the Indonesian fiscal regime, as documented in industry publications.

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Additionally, in light of Mexico's energy reform being implemented between and , we analyzed the types of license contracts compared to those for production and shared profit. Subsequently, it was determined-through panel data methods in the analysis of 17 companies between and that global companies present bigger yields and commitments compared to specialized companies, confirmed by their net income and returns on equity or ROE.. The limitations of the reformed state-owned company: Pemex, now a productive company of the state, are present in Mexico, where the income of the State heavily depends on oil revenues, and due to the need to deal with other sectors, the investment is less than required in the exploration of hydrocarbons in order to ensure high levels of production in the future. In each case, the State will define the contractual model that best fits to maximize the country revenue. Among other consideration modalities, the following are regulated: a in cash, for service contracts; b with a percentage of the profit, for the profit sharing contracts; c with a percentage of the production, for production sharing contracts; d with the onerous transfer of the hydrocarbons once they have been extracted from the underground, for license contracts; and e any combination thereof. There is an especially critical challenge for countries that have deregulated their energy sector.

International Petroleum Fiscal Systems and Production Sharing Contracts

The petroleum fiscal regime of a country is a set of laws, regulations and agreements which governs the economical benefits derived from petroleum exploration and production. The regime regulates transactions between the political entity and the legal entities involved. Although petroleum , oil and gas , and hydrocarbons are not technically mineral resources, the term mineral rights is used to denote rights to exploit oil and gas resources from the underground. Onshore, in United States , the landowner possesses exclusive rights for mineral rights, elsewhere generally the state does. The petroleum licensing system of a country may be considered interwoven with the fiscal regime, however, a licensing system has its distinct function: to grant rights for petroleum exploration and production to commercial entities. Because each country has distinctive legislation, there are theoretically just as many different fiscal regimes as there are countries in the world with petroleum resources, but the regimes can still be categorized based on their common characteristics. Motivation for introducing special taxes on petroleum production is rooted in rent theory [2] and the assumption that oil and gas resources provide an extraordinary rate of resource rent economic rent.

Search this site. Sandler MD, Jeffrey H. Newhouse MD, E. Stephen Amis Jr. Russell Johnston, David Mazurek.

International Petroleum Fiscal Systems and Production Sharing Contracts

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Contaduría y Administración

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1. CONTENTS. 1. CLASSIFICATION OF PETROLEUM FISCAL SYSTEMS 2 Figure Example production sharing contract flow diagram Figure in petroleum taxation and international negotiations, and the way to carry out.