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Design And Construction Of A Pyramid Shaped Solar Pdf

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Solar-driven water desalination technologies are rapidly developing with various links to other renewable sources. However, the efficiency of such systems severely depends on the design parameters.

Metrics details. The main drawback of passive solar still is its lower efficiency and distillation output. Different designs of passive solar stills are fabricated and tested by various researchers to meet water demand economically. Concave wick basin pyramidal-shaped solar still was observed to produce 4.

Ziggurat Pyramid, Dubai

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Experimental Study on Various Solar Still Designs

Arunkumar, K. Vinothkumar, Amimul Ahsan, R. Chennai , India. Box-5, Muzaffarpur , India. Humankind has depended for ages on underground water reservoirs for its fresh water needs. But these sources do not always prove to be useful due to the presence of excessive salinity in the water. In this paper, the fabrication of seven solar still designs such as spherical solar still, pyramid solar still, hemispherical solar still, double basin glass solar still, concentrator coupled single slope solar still, tubular solar still and tubular solar still coupled with pyramid solar still and their performance evaluation in converting brackish water into fresh water for drinking are presented.

Distilled water is needed for drinking, irrigation and for many other applications. A diversity of approaches are used for these portions of fresh water from saline water; namely multi stage flash MSF , multiple effect ME , reverse osmosis RO , electro dialysis, ion exchange, phase change, and solvent extraction. These methods are expensive, however, for the production of small amount of fresh water. The development of solar distillation has demonstrated its suitability for the desalination process when the weather conditions are suitable and the demand is not too large, i. The problem of low daily productivity of the solar stills triggered scientists to investigate various means of improving the stills productivity and thermal efficiency. Different aspects of triangular-shaped solar stills CSS , also called double slope stills, have been studied. Production in this still is influenced by the orientation, as shown by Singh et al.

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF A PYRAMID-SHAPED SOLAR (Physics Project Topics) - Distilled water is needed for drinking, irrigation.

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Citation: Zeleke Ademe, Sameer Hameer. Design, construction and performance evaluation of aBox type solar cooker with a glazing wiper mechanism[J]. AIMS Energy, , 6 1 : Article views PDF downloads Cited by 4. Zeleke Ademe, Sameer Hameer.

Ziggurat Pyramid is a pyramid-shaped arcology that was conceived for Dubai in It was estimated to start construction in and complete it by The structure was designed to house nearly one million people and would be self-sustainable with all-natural energy sources. Like the pyramids of the Mayans and Egyptians , this structure in Dubai would be a giant; it would cover 2.

PDF | In this project, a pyramid type concave basin solar still was the construction, testing and analysis of parabolic trough pyramid shape, the distillate collecting channels are prepared to collect the distillate drawn from.


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