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Carbon-ion radiotherapy CIRT has progressed rapidly in technological delivery, indications, and efficacy. Owing to a focused dose distribution in addition to high linear energy transfer and subsequently high relative biological effect, CIRT is uniquely able to target otherwise untreatable hypoxic and radioresistant disease while opening the door for substantially hypofractionated treatment of normal and radiosensitive disease. CIRT has increasingly garnered international attention and is nearing the tipping point for international adoption. In , the first human patients were treated by John Lawrence and Cornelius Tobias with helium and deuteron particle beams 1. Subsequently, interest in particle beams expanded, with proton facilities emerging throughout the world. However, as the biological impact of protons mirrored that of X-ray therapy, attention turned to heavier ions due to a higher biological impact owing to higher linear energy transfer LET 2. GSI treated patients with good results before its closure in 4.

Radiation therapy is one of the most widely used therapies for malignancies. The therapeutic use of heavy ions, such as carbon, has gained significant interest due to advantageous physical and radiobiologic properties compared to photon based therapy. By taking advantage of these unique properties, carbon ion radiotherapy may allow dose escalation to tumors while reducing radiation dose to adjacent normal tissues. There are currently 13 centers treating with carbon ion radiotherapy, with many of these centers publishing promising safety and efficacy data from the first cohorts of patients treated. To date, carbon ion radiotherapy has been studied for almost every type of malignancy, including intracranial malignancies, head and neck malignancies, primary and metastatic lung cancers, tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, prostate and genitourinary cancers, sarcomas, cutaneous malignancies, breast cancer, gynecologic malignancies, and pediatric cancers.

Particle therapy is a form of external beam radiotherapy using beams of energetic neutrons , protons , or other heavier positive ions for cancer treatment. The most common type of particle therapy as of is proton therapy. In contrast to X-rays photon beams used in older radiotherapy, particle beams exhibit a Bragg peak in energy loss through the body, delivering their maximum radiation dose at or near the tumor and minimizing damage to surrounding normal tissues. Particle therapy is also referred to more technically as hadron therapy , excluding photon and electron therapy. Neutron capture therapy , which depends on a secondary nuclear reaction, is also not considered here. Muon therapy, a rare type of particle therapy not within the categories above, has also been attempted.

Particle therapy

Protons and heavier ions have an increased relative biological effectiveness RBE compared with photons. However, an increasing amount of experimental and clinical data show that the proton RBE varies spatially within the patient. In addition, the existing carbon-ion RBE models give substantially different RBE-weighted dose often referred to as biological dose distributions for the same irradiation scenarios. Improvement of the current RBE calculations is therefore crucial to improve the treatment that patients receive. The LET spectra became narrower with depth in water.

Carbon ion radiotherapy CIRT is an ion beam therapy for cancer treatment belonging to a family of particle therapies, such as protons, helium, and other ions. In , Wilson [ 1 ] introduced the clinical use of particles. In his study, the biophysical rationale for proton particle therapy and beam delivery techniques was demonstrated. In the s, high-energy accelerators were developed and utilized in clinical treatment. Moreover, from to , the LBL investigated various ion species, such as helium, carbon, and neon, and others, for ion beam therapy [ 3 ]; however, in , it terminated all particle therapy investigations after trials with several particle species. NIRS adopted carbon ions among several types of ion species because of its high linear energy transfer LET , which enables sufficient dose delivery within the target volume, in particular at the Bragg peak.

Carbon Ion Therapy: A Modern Review of an Emerging Technology

Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. About About this book Chapters Table of contents 42 chapters Reviews Reviews About this book Introduction The book provides a detailed, up-to-date account of the basics, the technology, and the clinical use of ion beams for radiation therapy. Theoretical background, technical components, and patient treatment schemes are delineated by the leading experts that helped to develop this field from a research niche to its current highly sophisticated and powerful clinical treatment level used to the benefit of cancer patients worldwide.

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The Emerging Role of Carbon-Ion Radiotherapy

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Keywords: carbon ions; particle therapy; radiotherapy; radiobiology; hypoxia; RBE; in radiotherapy [1], and this can be done with fast protons.

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In , approximately 22, patients in the United States will be diagnosed with pancreas cancer without evidence of distant metastasis 1.